Fisherman’s Horizon – Sound Waves

Fisherman’s Horizon is a Spanish band from Madrid that makes intricate video game music arrangements in a progressive rock/metal focus and very fond of medleys.

After listening to our album Worlds That Never Were, Ian Luckey from Patient Corgi (also responsible for Tribute Album 64) invited us to take part in an massive international tribute to the ECCO The Dolphin video game saga he was putting together. We had never played these games and their music was unknown to us until that day, so we decided our best bet would be a medley.

After listening to most of the soundtracks of a saga a lot longer than we imagined, we made a selection of interesting tracks and crafted a long and everchanging arrangement so that we could introduce as many references and genre changes as we use to feature. And, of course, a couple of jokes (mainly for our Spanish following) in the title (“ZCO: The One In The End”) and at the end of the arrangement.


Álex Garcigregor – keyboards, iPad, recording, mixing

Diego Matas – bass

Eledu Selektah – acoustic and electric guitar, charango

Emcee Vaigor – drums

Concept and arrangement by the whole band


Mastering by Erik Peabody

Cover art by Maiko Z

Listen to the whole tribute on Bandcamp

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