Fisherman’s Horizon – Tribute Album 64

Fisherman’s Horizon is a Spanish band from Madrid that makes intricate video game music arrangements in a progressive rock/metal focus and very fond of medleys.

For this international compilation, once again put together by Ian Luckey of Patient Corgi (also responsible for the tribute to ECCO the doplhin saga), hundreds of musicians pay homage to the Nintendo 64 game system.

We chose to build a fast, energetic and melodic arrangement from 7 of the best tracks in Mario Tennis 64’s soundtrack by master Motoi Sakuraba (thus the similarities with Psynergy from Worlds That Never Were, crafted from Sakuraba’s work in the Golden Sun saga), and reference one of my favorite memes in the title: “Wow. Much point. So tennis. Advantage​.

The track is full of surprises, external references, auto-references (see if you can spot them!) and even a heartful nod to neither Spock’s Beard nor Neal Morse, but Cheeto’s Magazine.


Álex Garcigregor – keyboards, recording, mixing

Diego Matas – bass

Eledu Selektah – acoustic and electric guitar

Emcee Vaigor – drums

Concept and arrangement by the whole band


Mastering by Erik Peabody

Cover art by Patricio Thielemann (Pokérus) 

Listen to the whole tribute on Bandcamp

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