Fisherman’s Horizon – Worlds That Never Were

Fisherman’s Horizon is a Spanish band from Madrid that makes intricate video game music arrangements in a progressive rock/metal focus and very fond of medleys.

Apart from this album, we’ve contributed to two international multi-artist tributes: one for ECCO the dolphin saga and another one in celebration of Nintendo 64’s 25th aniversary.

Worlds That Never Were is a self-produced band effort with near zero budget in which we explore a variety of genres and pay homage to the compositions of several legends of video game music, such as Nobuo Uematsu, Yasunori Mitsuda o Motoi Sakuraba, among others.

Listen to the whole album on Bandcamp

Up to 30 classic themes intertwine in a complicated but well designed way, jumping with ease between presumably opposite styles: orchestra, rock, rumba, ballad, dubstep, ambient, metal… everything’s allowed as long as it works!

In addition to the non-video game music references, we had the honor to feature stellar collaborations to round up the whole album.


Álex Garcigregor – keyboards, piano, iPad, backing vocals, sound design, additional guitars and bass, additional percussion, recording, mixing and mastering

Diego Matas – bass, additional voice

Iván Rivero – guitars, ukelele, backing vocals

Pablo García de Gregorio – drums, percussion, additional voice, art, graphic design


Concept and arrangements by the band

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