Composer specialized in video game music and other multimedia products

Álex Garcigregor is a versatile and fast composer from Madrid, Spain, specialized in music for video games, short films, documentaries and other media products.

Álex Garcigregor

Latest update: [Inauguration]. I also released two EPs this November, 2017: Anamnesis and Prognosis.

Recent releases

Featured services

Music for your product

Original compositions and recordings, in a variety of possible genres, and specifically crafted to fit your product and its format. There’s also an option to license already existing pieces of music from my catalog.

Specialized in Video Games

Video game soundtracks are my specialty, both indefinitely repeating loops and tracks with a proper beginning and ending. I can also produce tracks for mobile apps and other interactive media.

Other media

In addition to interactive media, I make music for other non-interactive formats like short films, documentaries, trailers or jingles for videos and podcasts. If your project requires music and doesn’t fit in one of those categories, ask me and we’ll figure it out.

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