As a composer specialized in music for videogames and other multimedia products, I offer several services. The following list collects the ones that are requested the most, but I’m not limited to them.

If you need something apart from these, don’t hesitate to ask me if I can do it. I’ll study your proposal and, if it’s viable, include it in your budget. You can use my contact page for this.

Since deadlines and pricing vary according to the specific characteristics of every project, I strongly recommend pitching me your detailed proposal and desired services so that we can establish the viability and further details together.

My rates are usually based on a ‘per minute of music’ basis, and are affected by the music’s complexity and number of simultaneous tracks.

Cost also scales in case you want me to use any real instruments instead of only virtual instruments, or if I need to rent special equipment or hire musicians for an instrument I can’t play. Every project will be studied in a full and personalized manner, because every project is different.

Some of the services I provide:

  • Composition, recording, mixing (full production) for games, documentaries, short films, animations, etc. 
  • Sound effects and sound design 
  • On demand cover versions 
  • Music loops creation for video games and other interactive products 
  • Jingles for radio, podcasts or video series 
  • Music for audiobooks and interactive apps 
  • Licensing previous works of mine to use in all kinds of projects 

Interested in any of these services?

If you need any of these services or a custom one, you can ask for further information and even request a non-binding estimate.

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